The future of computing

Augmented reality headsets that let you get work done

Your entire desktop, wherever you go

Packs a completely standalone design. No more hunting for wifi, cellular, or hotspot just to use your laptop ever again.

Create a literally infinite number of displays for any application through our gorgeous 120° degree field of view, see through display that let's you use your virtual screens without having to ever turn your head.

Multimedia Artists

Imagine being able to sit at your desk and see your entire project come to life. Imagine how powerful your workflow would be with a realtime editting tools.

We imagined. Our software bakes custom visual art tools right into the hardware, tailor made for the artist in you, so you can inspire with your art.

Software Engineers

How tired are you of swiping back and forth between Stack Overflow, terminal, and your code. Imagine what you could do with our infinite screens at your disposal.

We imagined. We use our own hardware and software to develop our software and have created the ultimate developer experience.

Hardware Engineers

Wish you could stop lugging around your massive laptop when you need to be on the go to your meetings.

We got so tired of carrying around our laptops that we decided to make the most comfortable headset ever. You never have to carry around your laptop again.